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Facebook will let politicians run false ads during UK elections

  Facebook’s policy of allowing politicians to run false ads is going to get tested in short order. CNN Business has confirmed that the social network won’t fact-check candidates’ ads in the weeks ahead of the UK election on December 12th. It will bar candidates from linking to debunked or pro-violence material, and will still scrutinize groups like Leave.EU, but voters will have to rely on skepticism beyond that. That reluctance to check ads is leading to concerns, including from those [...]


Google launches Site Kit plugin for insights into WordPress websites

Google has officially launched its open source Site Kit WordPress plugin that gives website owners insights into how people are using their websites, drawing from integrations with myriad Google products. This is a big deal because Google is a leading driver of internet traffic and website monetization, while WordPress underpins more than a third of all websites. Site Kit has, in many ways, been a long time coming. Google first teased Site Kit last December, before introducing it in developer [...]