Ahrefs SEO Toolbar: How To use Ahrefs detailed Guide-2020

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In this post, I will show Paid Ahrefs SEO Toolbar working. You know ahrefs number one premium SEO tool and all professional Blogger and SEO service providers use this tool. You can see some reviews and decide ahrefs really number one premium SEO tool. We show here complete guidance about ahrefs all toolbar working.


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Why Choose Ahrefs SEO Toolbar:

Every Blogger, SEO Company and freelancers need good SEO tools for a successful business. In this time at the market, many premium SEO tools available for doing off-page SEO like competitor analysis, link building and keyword research, etc but ahrefs provide 100% real and genuine date because of his SERP (search engine results page) updated every minute for an accurate result. Ours suggests of all bloggers and freelances if really you won’t make money through SEO and website so you need must use this premium SEO Tool.


Ahrefs SEO Toolbar Most Used Tools working

Here I mention some most used tools.

  • Keyword Research
  • Site Explore
  • Backlink Research
  • Content Research

Keyword Research:

Ahrefs really good tool for keyword research. Its amazing interface provides on-time with updated data. I use many tools like semrush, Moz and ubersuggest but ahrefs really amazing tool than others.
Now we discuss mostly used keyword research ahrefs toolbar functionality.


You can see an interface Here many options available according to search engines, youtube, and Amazon, etc. Also, it provide a country option where using this you can choose the country according to your selected keyword.


so I explore a keyword “WordPress” and find a result. In this picture, you can see here everything available about this keyword as having the same terms, questions and all related keywords, etc. A downside, you can see all top ten pages URL who ranked this keyword with URL DR(Domain Authority), link count, traffic, etc, Also its provide Ads History if any keyword use Google AdWords platform for paid traffic so you can review his website ads and after implementation, you can use this keyword for his business for paid traffic.


Site Explore:

Site Explore very essential tool of ahrefs toolbar kit using this you can easily detect all information on any website.
Here you can detect information like:
1. Domain Rating Like NeilPatel very big digital marketing blog show domain rating-91.
2. URL Rating- Its blog UR Rating has 86.
3. Backlinks Count
4. Referring Domains
5. Organic Traffic
6. Website Value etc.

In this image downside, you can see organic traffic of websites get which countries also provide real-time data about new link count and lost links.


Here another best ahrefs provide you can import this data at CSV or XML file because mostly freelancers provide SEO services of his clients so it’s a very good option for his client to provide a detailed report of his website or competitive website.

Backlink Research:

In this website upper showing report, you can see backlinks here something 2.19M when you click this number count so it will redirect backlink report and you can see all website backlinks who attached this website. Here you can filter all backlink like do-follow or no-follow etc. Ahrefs toolbar provides many filters using this you can filter date like language, Platform and according to DR you can import CSV report.
Many bloggers and SEO service providers using this option stole competitive site backlinks. It’s a very good tool for this task. 


Content Explore:

If you really serious about the High DR link building and “how I can write a good post for own blog”? so ahrefs toolbar provides a very essential option for doing this task. I also use this content explore for writing more 10X good posts than others and according to topic keywords find High DR Links.


You can search for topics according to your blog niche. Like as I write a post about ahrefs toolbar and find what’s another blog rank this keyword. Here also you can use a filter to get more relevant data.
For doing the best result For Blogging you can use these filters.

  • Language 
  • Domain Rating
  • words
  • Live Or broken


Mostly bloggers and SEO people use an upper filter. According to your country language, you can explore any languages like English, Chinese, French, etc.
Another important thing to choose domain rating. I recommend DR 50-100 for any website but technology blogs mostly make High DR backlinks. You know for professional blogging filed content is king. you must choose any article-length 1000-2000 word minimum. For more know:

How Long Should Your Blog Articles Be? (With Word Counts for Every Industry)

ahrefs SEO toolbar another good filter live and broken link. Here for making good backlinks, you can choose a broken link and contact website owner for guest posting and add his website or blog link for getting his website backlink. You can use this method to create High DR backlinks.

Find Competitor Using

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar 

Ahrefs SEO toolbar best tool for finding own competitive website. The first step chooses a good keyword with (1-30) KD and downside you can see the top ten websites who ranked this keyword. Now you need to try to beat the competitor website who already ranked 5-10 position at Google. Don’t try beat First ranked website because for beating this you need to do good strategy and backlinks so always try first beating downside website who ranked 4-10 number. If you want so you can be getting these backlinks using site explorer.

I hope its post clear your all doubts about the best-paid Ahrefs SEO toolbar working if you have felt any confusion so you can ask this comment section.

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