10 Best Freelancing WebSites for Beginners | Bid Now And Get Project

Although, at the internet have much freelancing website available who provides an opportunity to start Freelancing and make many from Home. But, we discuss only Top 10 Best Freelancing WebSite for Beginners” when starting freelancing these websites and make thousands dollar per month with these websites compare score when you can choose Good website for start freelancing.



Fiverr is great Freelancing website. Its website works not bid algorithm it’s working only sell and buy a gig.

Gig: Here Gig mean to post own service with image/Video and buyers directly purchase this


Here freelancer can create own profile and sell start selling gigs on the first day because it has no any service approval do from the admin side. Its website good for new freelancer and lowest budge buyer because here freelancer can sell start gig from 5$.



What’s Uniques Of this Website:

  1. All Gigs start from 5$: Here Freelancer can start sell all gig from 5$. For new Freelancer have good opportunity because they can sell service first low-cost and attract low budge client.
  2. Secure And Private Chat. Freelancer provides chat option with this client pass a msg about your requirements. Chat system fully private and person detail or privacy full secure.



Upwork is huge freelancing markets have 12 Million freelancers and more than 5 million clients. This provides many options to start freelancing like as if you new freelancing so you can start from Basic level. Here one thing you need to know after submitting your upwork profile, upwork community review your profile if they find your profile skills not relevant his freelancing market so you will get rejection issue. So Your profile must be relevant with good skills.


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What’s Uniques Of this Website:

High-Cost Project: upwork is world largest freelancing website. So his website clients Mostly post big projects like hundred to thousand dollars. Here if a freelancer has expert his skill so he can easily revenue from $5000 to $10,000.



Freelancer very largest and popular freelancing website in the world. they have more than 30 million users around the world. Its provide Good opportunity for new freelance because here freelancer profile approval without any review and freelancer start biding after just make a profile.


freelancer review

What’s Uniques Of this Website:

No need approval: Here freelancer no need profile approval like upwork. Freelancer can get good cost project from this site.


This website has more than 1 million users around the world. Its has good Freelancer website for new freelancer because here post-project not big and mostly simply project post here. The most important thing this website its have low freelancer competition than other websites like upwork and freelancer etc. But its website belongs to India so mostly project has a low cost but our opinion this is good website for new freelancers.


truelancer review

What’s Uniques Of this Website:

Good website for a new freelancer with low freelancer competition.


Evanto-Studio is a freelancing platform for developer and designer like freelancer website. Mostly CMS developer and creative designer working this platform. If you have good skills like WordPress, HTML and logo designer skills so its good website for you.


envato review

What’s Uniques Of this Website:

Good Freelancer  Website for WordPress CMS Developer and designer.

People Per Hour:

people per hour

People per hour UK based freelancing company who provide client post a project according to own required and hire a freelancer. Its website provide first 3 months 15 proposal per month after then you need purchased premium plan of a website.

Reviews:people per hour

What’s Uniques Of this Website:

Freelancer can start working within a few minutes after creating his profile. Best freelancing website for Europes based freelancer.



If you fill with the skill of software engineers, designers, and business manager So toptal is for you. Toptal US-based Freelancing website with have 3% client around the world. Toptal provides many auto functionalities like an auto proposal sending without writing new proposal every client. Freelancer easily can review $5000-$10,000 per month.

Reviews:indeed review

What’s Uniques Of this Website:

Auto sending proposal has good functionality without writing a new proposal for every client.




Guru is a freelancing platform with 3 million users. Freelancer can start with these skills like Web development, programming, graphics and much more. Here freelancer creates a freelancer within less than 3 minutes and starts sending quotes to a client project. freelancer can based work milestone, per hour and according to the task.


guru review

What’s Uniques Of this Website:

Freelancer can work according to a milestone, Hourly based and Project-Based. Its website provides full safe payment projection mode of our client.



If you have greatest skills with graphics design so 99 design wait your work. Its Australian based graphic and logo design freelancing marketplace. 99designs have more than +300k clients around the whole world. Here client post a project according to requirement and hire talented freelancers.


99design review

What’s Uniques Of this Website:

A unique platform for graphics and log designer.



DesignContest unique site for Graphics designer and logo design. Its provide content functionality where the client simply posts a requirement and freelancer submit a design with a comment if the client finds your design unique and matched with his requirement so he direct approves the payment. Here many freelancers submits an entry and client independently choose the best design. Like as one client wants a logo:

I need logo for my busniness

Then freelancer read his description and submit his logo entry.

What’s Uniques Of this Website:

Here Freelancer submits an entry and wins a contest.

We Hope you can review all freelancing websites and choose the best according to his skills. If you have any question and confusion so you can ask through comments.