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Facebook Ads Retargeting For the Win!

Check out some of my Facebook ads success stories below! This is a funnel of 3 Facebook ads that I created for this client.We spent just over $1,000 on the 3 ads below and made back nearly $7000 in camp registrations!

Advertising goal: Online course sales

Time frame: 3 days, December 2017

Audience: retargeting sales page visitors, email list and Facebook page engagement

Amount spent: $37

Amount earned: $693

Return on ad spend: 1872%

Sales page ad

For this ad, I retargeted people who watched the 10+ seconds of the first video and who clicked that they were interested in the event ad. It led to the sales page where people could sign up.


Advertising goal: Shop-wide flash sale for business

Time frame: 4 days, June 2018

Audience: retargeting email list, Facebook followers and shop visitors

Amount spent: $281.56

Amount earned: $1811.15

Return on ad spend: 643%

About This Service

What’s Included with this service:

  • This service includes the management of your ad campaigns throughout the month.
  • Targeting options and audience research and building
  • An unlimited number of campaign creations.
  • Marketing plan to grow up your business.
  • Monthly performance report and 24/7 support.

Most Frequency asked question

  • Does this gig include an ad spend?

No, the ad spend is not included with the service price.

  • i’m just starting out do you promise that I will be profitable on the first month?
  • I’m just starting out, what do I need to start working with you?

You will need a Facebook page and a working ad account so I can start working with you.

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