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AdWords Case Study: How $520 Turned Into $6120

You don’t have to spend a lot to have success with AdWords. For this case study, the client only spent $260 / month for 2 months.

Who’s the client? Here are the basics:

  • Mental health counselor in Littleton, CO (also known as a therapist)
  • Brand new business (no brand recognition)
  • Priced toward the low end of the market
  • I also built the website and guided the client on copy recommendations and CTA (call to action) usage so I knew it would convert traffic into leads at an acceptable level

Keyword Selection

I kept the keyword selection simple for the initial launch so we could see if there was enough volume in the area for these counseling-related terms.

The keywords we started with were:

  • +counselor
  • +littleton +counselor
  • +counseling +services
  • +counseling +near
  • +personal +counselor
  • +local +counselor

As you can see, they are all Modified Broad Match keywords, which means that word has to be in the phrase when someone searches, but it could be in a different order.

For example, for the keyword +littleton +counselor someone could search for “counselor in littleton” and it would still trigger our ads.

Of those 6 keywords, only 2 got any significant volume:

Ad Copy

We started pretty basic here as well:

There are a few things that I want to point out that make this work – even though I’m sure we could do better:


The headline matches the keywords

We’re only targeted locally, so seeing your city in the ad is a positive.

We also used the city in the display URL.


There is a call to action

“Get in touch to schedule a visit” is a clear call to action and tells people what to do next. This is critical. You need to make it as obvious as possible what you want people to do.

The language “get in touch” was specifically used because it matches the CTA on the landing page – and every page – on the website.

Landing Page

Because we started with more general counseling terms that tend to be higher up the funnel, the landing page is the ‘counseling services’ page that allows someone to self-select the type of counseling they are interested in.

From there they can learn more and get in touch.

When we decide to target more specific types of counseling for anxiety or animal therapy, for example, we would have those ads lead to those specific pages.

Also, you can see the button and call to action match the call to action used in the ad copy.


Let’s look at some numbers.

During the initial 2 month period we:

  • Spent $520
  • Acquired 6 clients

This means the average cost per acquisition (CPA) was $87.

The average revenue per session at this time was $85.


Does this gig include an ad spend?

No, the ad spend is not included with the service price.


i’m just starting out do you promise that I will be profitable on the first month?


I’m just starting out, what do I need to start working with you?

You will need a Gmail account and a working ad account so I can start working with you.

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