How To Start Freelancing work | Get Your First Project Follow These Steps

Freelancing Business Grow Now day by day. Now per month, more than 90,000 Americans find an opportunity  “How To Start Freelancing”  So you can think about this everybody want to become own Boss. Freelancing Business provide you best chance to make own business Boss. You can work part-time, full time and weekly. Now we know Today “How To Start Freelancing”  you need to follow our steps and Get Your First freelancing Project.
First You Need to Know ??

How To Start Freelancing

What’s Freelancing?

We know what is freelancing and how it works, now it comes to contacting two people who come in the freelancing business.
Thus, freelancing sites provide a platform where shoppers and freelancers can find each other and interact with each other. Nowadays, many websites will be available on the internet where you will be able to run your freelancing business.

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We mention some Top Freelancing sites:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork
  4. Envato Studio
  5. PeoplePerHour
  6. Toptal
  8. DesignCrowd
  10. DesignContest

Choose the Best Freelancing website:

One thing remembers always in freelancing business if you choose a good platform so you will have more chances to get your first project. We compare some websites when you can easily choose a good freelancing platform according to you.



Upwork Number 1 Freelancing platform developed by Elance-oDesk in 2015. In this platform have more than 12 Million freelancer and 5 million clients. This website provides Good opportunity to start freelancing business Now We discuss some pros and Cons of this website.

upwork pro


You can understand this website competition level For our view its website competition so High, stick policy ( If you profile Blocked then no chance to Deblocked this) and Not Much easy To use interface But Its website handle very Big clients every month(Like 1000$-2000$/month) Its website gets more than 10,000 sign-up per month but only a few Freelancers get the chance to work with this website. Our suggestion if you new Freelancer so you can choose another platform where you get a low competition level.

upwork cons

Upwrok Provide good bidding system after approve the upwork profile it provides you 60 bid per month its number very high other any freelancing website also freelancer take free skills test according to own skills



Fiverr is the largest freelancer marketplace where buyer and seller can sell and purchase service. it’s like work e-commerce site where buyer sees seller service and purchase this. Its good platform For new freelancers. Freelancer upload own service like website development, SEO and much more. Using this website Freelancer easily revenue $500-$1000 Per month easily.


Fiverr competition level low than upwork Freelancer website because here freelancer direct registration and after then start selling. Fiverr interface very easy to use because its website has no bidding system its service purchased depends on the buyer.



Freelancer Good freelancer website medium competition for new freelancers. Its website work before 2010. Its website has more than 30 Millions users. Freelancer Website has Good interface, freelancer easily can see own competitive freelancer and try to beat him. Freelancer provides low bid number (only 8 bid per month) also take skills test you need pay amount. Mostly, pro freelancer, its website has Good option.



Truelancer has Good website for new Freelancer because a website has low competition than another freelancing website. For beginners its best option to start freelancing business. Also, it provides 20 free prosposal per month and no need to take a test to prove your skill. You can mention a good portfolio option when you can get easily your first project. Our view truelancer have a good website but its belong to low budge clients but if you want to start freelancing with this website.

Compare Top Freelancing Websites:

Now we compare these Top-4 rated Freelancing websites.

comparison chart

Create a Professional Freelancing Profile:

For start freelancing Business, your profile must be impressive because an impressive profile gives you more chances to award the project. Mostly freelancer website show profile completing percentage

100% profile complete more chances to award the project. You can complete profile through update all details like

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  • Working Title
  • Work description
  • Your Working History
  • Certificates
  • Test
  • Education
  • Social setup
  • Add portfolio

After complete this information, your profile will show 100% complete.

Add Freelancing portfolio:

Portfolio plays a very important role to get a freelancer project. Without an impressive portfolio, nobody hires you. In the portfolio section, you can mention  4-5 top project its depend on your skills. Like if you have good website designer and developer so you can add 4-5 website portfolio. The website must be Full responsive and eye-catching.

Your profile and portfolio play a very important role you award project. your profile 60% and portfolio 40%  roleplay award freelancer project.

Your Profile


Bid Only Right Project:

To getting project biding not important, the important is bid o right project. We see many times freelancer escape freelancing because of He not get project a long time, the main reason for this situation these freelancers bid every project and he wants bidding every project due to the first time but it’s not a good idea. You need bid only whose project related your skills. we mention some points who increase your chances of getting a project.

Bid now

  • Bid only whose client who already works with other freelancers. You can review this visit client profile. In this section, you can find easily client rating if you find the client has a good rating so you can bid his project.
  • Approve payment method, Mostly clients who work freelancer platform his payment method verified because he wants to spend money on projects.

follows our mention point, surely it will help to get your first project.

Send a good proposal:

Your Proposal is key of award project

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Stop copy paste and try something else. Mostly freelancer simply copies proposal and paste it. Now you need to understand this, client project requirement first after then write a good proposal and submit this. Without think, client requirements its will main reason not award a project or reject a proposal.

Send a good proposal



Not escape Freelancing Platform:

Many time when freelancer spends a long time one freelancing website but not a get a project then freelancer Espace website and try another freelancing website. It’s not a working method because the main reason you did not get a project your profile mistakes and not a good portfolio. first, you need to improve your profile and bidding the right project. When you choose any good freelancing platform then you will try to spend some time because many time its take process takes some time.

Final Words And Some Tips:

  • Stay some time any good freelancing website
  • Improve Your profile and setup portfolio own Website
  • Bid Only right project First review clients rating and verified Payment method etc details
  • Send Good Proposal
  • Follow our steps and will Get project


So In this post, We discuss all “How to start freelancing”?   if you have any query any points so you can comment us. We try more improve our services. If you like this post so pls share this post your relative and friends.

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